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Westfalia Separator® hycon PSH 30-06-173

Westfalia Separator® hycon PSH 30-06-173


Pharmaceutical biotechnology products, Chemical / Pharmaceutical Technology


This separator has been designed for pharmaceutical biotechnology products and designed in accordance with the prevailing GMP requirements. The Westfalia Separator® hycon achieves highest solid concentrations with an aseptic processing concept. In the interest of sterile processing under clean room conditions, the drive unit (drive and motor) and process chamber (bowl and solids discharge) are hermetically separated from each other through the so-called 2-chamber concept by a gaslubricated slide-ring packing. The product is fed into the machine through a closed-line system. A centripetal pump likewise discharges the clarified product. Feed and discharge lines are sealed against the rotating bowl by mechanical seals. In addition, the solids separated in the bowl are discharged fully automatically; manual solids removal is therefore not necessary. Due to the pneumatic control of the discharge mechanism, potential contamination of the product with operating water is avoided.
  • Machine driven by a 3-phase AC motor with frequency converter
  • Flat belt drive
  • Product connections as TriClamp
  • All product-contacting parts are made of high-alloyed stainless steels
  • The seals comply with the requirements of the FDA and USP Class VI
  • Disks in special design with gapless welded spacers for highest sanitary requirements
  • Machine frame and the motor are varnished in RAL 9007
  • GMP standards for completely aseptic processing
  • Cooling systems:
    • indirect bowl cooling The hood and the solids tank are both equipped with a coolable intermediate bottom.

Technical Drawing

1: Feed, 2: Centripetal pump, 3: Disk stack, 4: Light phase discharge, 5: Solids holding space, 6: Sliding piston, 7: Closing chamber, 8: Solids tank, 9: Solids tank discharge, 10: Solids ejection ports

Technical Data

  • Throughput capacity 500 – 1500 l / h
Process data
  • Bowl speed: 7000 min
  • Solids space: 6 l
  • Total bowl volume: 9 l
Energy requirement
  • Motor rating: 22 kW
  • Separator, complete: 1850 kg
  • Bowl: 250 kg

Dimensional drawing

Westfalia Separator® hycon PSH 30-06-173
Minimum lifting capacity for hoist: 600 kgB1 = 1675 mm // B2 = 1700 mmMinimum clearance: 800 mmMinimum clearance: 800 mmTotal height of the machine: project-specificMinimum clearance working area: 2000 mm

Scope of delivery

  • 3-phase AC motor with frequency converter
  • Set of special tools
  • Spare parts for commissioning
  • Speed measuring device
  • Double-acting slide-ring packing as a seal to the drive chamber
  • Level control in the solids vessel when the solids are discharged in a closed system
  • Spray nozzles in the hood and solids vessel are additionally activated for CIP
  • Vibration monitoring system


  • Customized vessel system
  • Turbidity meter for monitoring the discharge
  • Stainless steel frame

The information contained on this page merely serves as a non-binding description of our products and is without guarantee. Binding information, in particular relating to capacity data and suitability for specific applications, can only be provided within the framework of concrete inquiries.