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Rotary Brush Strainer SBC 200

Rotary Brush Strainer SBC 200


Continuous separation of solids from liquids with a rotary brush strainer , Renewable Resources


Rotary brush strainers reduce the load on centrifuges by removing the coarse solids from liquids.

The coarse solids are retained and scraped off the inside of the strainer by the rotating brushes. They sink to the bottom of the cone-shaped container and are removed from time to time either manually or automatically.

The strainer can be cleaned by flushing water through an inlet.

Technical Data

  • Flow capacity (for water) 300 m3 / h
Process data
  • Volume 0.087 m3
  • Permissible working pressure 10.0 bar
  • Permissible pressure loss through strainer 1.5 bar
  • Motor rating 0.37 kW
  • Complete (Rotary brush strainer and stand) 250 kg
  • Lifting device approx. 55 kg

Dimensional drawing

Rotary Brush Strainer SBC 200
SBC 200850 mm660 mm2435 mm

Scope of delivery

  • Strainer with perforations of 1.1 mm
  • Brushes of polyamide with bristles

Additional Equipment (at extra cost)

  • Ball-type valve
  • Disc valve
  • Hose pinch valve
  • Counter flanges
  • Brushes of stainless steel
  • Scrapers
  • Gear motor, version for explosive surroundings
  • Control unit
  • Motor control
  • Stand
  • Lifting device
  • TÜV acceptance

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