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Wednesday 29. February, 2012, 14:28 Age: 3 Year(s)
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GEA Westfalia Separator BallastMaster ultraV is awarded type approval in accordance with IMO

The BallastMaster ultraV ballast water management system was certified in accordance with IMO guidelines and regulations on 19. December 2011 and is therefore released for the market with no constraints.

The new solution of GEA Westfalia Separator Group for the treatment and disinfection of ballast water with the aid of ultraviolet radiation, the BallastMaster ultraV, was certified on 19. December 2011 in accordance with IMO guidelines and regulations.  

The BallastMaster ultraV ballast water management system is a highly efficient mechanical / physical system solution for treating ballast water including that with a high concentration of organisms and sedimentary particles. The two-stage system works with mechanical pre-filtration and subsequent disinfecting of the ballast water by UV-C and ultrasonic radiation without the use or generation of chemicals.  

Initial cleaning by mechanical filtration

In the first stage, an upstream mechanical filtration system removes all organisms and sedimentary particles larger than 20 microns. This reliably prevents sedimentary deposits from accumulating in the ballast water tanks, as well as guaranteeing in the second stage an optimum result for ballast water disinfecting. The filter modules are cleaned automatically by vacuum extraction (self-cleaning).

Disinfecting by means of UV-C and ultrasonic

In the second stage, the pre-filtered ballast water is disinfected by UV-C radiation and ultrasonic. The monochromatic UV-C radiation (254 nm) effectively destroys organisms such as bacteria or phytoplankton. The microcavitation effected by ultrasonic ensures that the biofilms and deposits on the UV-C tubes are cleaned off extremely efficiently and permanently. Further, the cell membranes of the organisms are fractured which maximizes the efficiency of the UV-C radiation. 

Reliable disinfecting to IMO standards

The combination of short-wave UV-C radiation and ultrasonic ensures consistent quality disinfecting in accordance with IMO guidelines and guarantees that harbour checks of any kind are passed without problems. With the type approval in accordance with IMO, the BallastMaster ultraV is released for the market with no constraints.

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